Concerts in Care wants you to have as much fabulous music as possible! You have choices when it comes to how you want to experience your music, and where you want to experience it.

We have so many concerts now! In each case, we adhere to safety protocols with distancing, masking, and rapid testing.

And talk about musical choice – classical, jazz, nostalgia, Japanese koto, Chinese pipa and erhu, Tango, Brazilian jazz, Baroque, American Songbook, and a fascinating fusion of classical Indian tabla and jazz saxophone!

Location, location, location!

Live Indoor – in a gathering space, your dining room, or on a specific floor
Live Outdoor – in a courtyard, a parking lot, or just beside your building
Videos On Demand and FREE on our website – whenever you want to hear 30 minutes of beautiful music, tailored just for you
Zoom Concerts – live in your living room, as safe as possible, and interactive, too! Wednesdays at 2:30 pm.