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A Concert-Lecture Series

The world of medicine is beginning to embrace the notion that music is a powerful tool for helping us to understand and manage our brains, our emotions, and our bodies.

  • music can help manage pain
  • music can help therapists teach someone to walk again, and
  • music can provide a signal to children as to who to like, and who not to

These are just a few of the topics discussed in this program created in collaboration with Concerts in Care Ontario supported by Resident Affairs and The Okanagan McMaster Charter. The series was broadcasted earlier this year via Zoom. Previously created as an in person experiential program was converted to a Zoom event(s) due to Covid-19 pandemic restrictions.

Built on the theme of Music: The Forgotten Pillar of Mental Health, this 5-part series covered everything from Music and Pain Management to Social Prescription. The series was a result of a collaboration amongst Dr. John Miller at Resident Affairs-McMaster University Debra Chandler at Concerts in Care Ontario Dr. Laurel Trainer and Rachael at Livlabs- McMaster and was generously supported by the Okanagan McMaster Chapter.

Now, we are happy to share the recordings of these Zoom sessions with you.

While our focus was to provide Residents in training at McMaster University exposure to experts in the field, a musical experience and we hope to inspire participants to consider the value of more music in their personal lives and in their practices. We know that many of you in our community will enjoy this serries as well.

It has been a privilege to meet and learn from our speakers and musicians all experts and well recognized in their fields and are grateful for their support as we created this framework for presenting and demonstrating the concepts of music as a tool for mental health and wellness and more.

We hope you will agree that these are fascinating topics. We encourage you to watch the recorded sessions and to share this knowledge. Highlighted titles are links to the presentations. The others are in development and will be available soon.

With our thanks,
John and Debra
April 7th 2021.

Music and Pain Management

Featuring Dr. Lee Bartel, Hamilton Philharmonic Concertmaster Stephen Sitarski, and violinist Sophie Drouin

Music and Stress

featuring Dr. Laurel Trainor, Rachael Finnerty, and the Aubrey Wilson Quartet

Social Prescription

featuring Dr. Kate Mulligan and Azuline Duo