Concert Liaison

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Before the concert:

Please arrive at home/facility 30 minutes prior to concert time.

At the reception, ask for the home/facility contact person (provided by CiC).

The artist(s) will arrive 20-30 minutes ahead of time as well. Greet them and ask if they have any questions. Some homes provide bottled water or coffee. Most do not. Artists provide their own.

If the artist does not appear by 15 minutes prior to concert time, call them (you will have contact numbers) or Debra or Brenton.

Go to the concert space with your facility contact and check:

  • Microphone and sound system in place and turned on for speaking enhancement. Some smaller spaces will not need this, but it is best because so many residents are hard of hearing.

Ask both the artists and the facility contact if they have a copy of their Introduction template provided by Concerts in Care. If not, give them yours, or share your electronic version. (Provided by CiC). You also have the option of speaking yourself.

Chat with the residents as they walk or are wheeled in.

During the concert:

Make any relevant notes about the programming and presentation. Share with the artist, if you feel comfortable doing so, or relay the information to Debra.

Following the concert:

Make yourself available after the concert to hear comments from the residents, both positive and negative!

Make note of any pertinent information to report, such as out of tune piano, uncertain or uncomfortable logistics, artists who are late or have issues, and so on.

Also, if appropriate, help organize photos with artists and residents (we will provide a waiver form as well.)

Thank the facility contact person, and thank the artists.

Thank YOU!

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