Tafelmusik Ensemble at Seven Oaks

I wanted to share with you the excitement that “Duo 46” provided to our residents yesterday.  The residents were thrilled with the performance and were so excited that they had the opportunity to have such quality musicians perform.  We have a number of residents who were patrons of the symphony and it was such a joy to see the smiles on their faces as they listened to this duo.  Thank you so much for providing this opportunity to our residents and making us feel part of our Community.  I hope that the Duo also enjoyed their time at Pioneer Manor.

Lydia Shea-Allard - Pioneer Manor

Last week we at Bruyère Continuing Care had the pleasure of meeting a quartet of musicians from the National Arts Centre who came to play for us. I wanted to write to these four string musicians to let them know who much it was appreciated. I was just entranced by such a display of musicality, their obvious love of music, and their pleasure in sharing their joy in ensemble playing.

Hearing these talented and skilled string players playing lovely instruments was an unforgettable experience – I was thrilled!! They started with a movement from Handel’s Water Music, later played some JS Bach […] whom I adore. Then after the baroque masters, they played Salut d’amour by the Victorian Edward Elgar and then an arrangement of a Gershwin song. I have spent many hours reliving this experience and will never forget!

It’s as if I’d been drinking Kool-Aid my whole life and someone just gave me a nice glass of wine.

Residence Staff
Tim McCoy et al at Parkland Ottawa May

The music was perfectly suited for our seniors and had people up out of their seats and dancing at the front of the room. Some of the performers even put down their instruments and joined in the dancing. I hope they can come visit again for one (or more) of the 5 performances we have left for this year. Thank you so much for the perfect match.

Kudos to you!

Just wanted to let you know that today’s concert was absolutely amazing! The performers were excellent and had many of us on the edge of their seats. I just wanted to extend our thanks….it was a wonderful experience!

Over the last two years, our care community has had the opportunity to experience the wonderful dynamics of Concerts in Care. The variety and powerful performances have, and continue to, wow residents, families, staff, and volunteers. We could not imagine our entertainment lineup without Concerts in Care and would recommend these talented musicians to anyone organizing entertainment for all ages.

Mayumi Seiler Trio at Castleview Wychwood October

The Residents had an absolutely wonderful time with Duo46.  Many thanks to you for organizing this!  The staff were also very impressed with the performance. Thank you so much for entertaining our residents.  Definitely interested in another show!

Trina Lavoie - Extendicare

Our care community loves the wonderful dynamics of Concerts in Care. Residents, families, staff and volunteers look forward to each of the professional performances. Each one is so different, but they are all very high quality and totally engaging. Concerts in Care is an essential part of our programming.  I highly recommend the wonderful musicians, and the organizers who make it so easy for me.

Lindsay Young - Madonna Care, Orleans

My residents enjoyed the performance and talked about it for days. I think they would love a repeat if the opportunity arises – they are so accustomed to “country” that they found the performance to be a delightful change. Several residents that don’t normally come down sat through it all. For me that says everything – hope it happens that we do this again.

Zona Sauve - LaSalle Residence

I just want to touch base with you and let you know that we are so grateful and happy to have hosted all the wonderful musicians this year. Our residents here at Peter D. Clark Long Term Care Centre have enjoyed the many talented musicians and diverse classical programs that have been made available to us. As you are aware most of our residents are no longer able to get out into the community. This program has warmed the hearts and souls of our residents.

p8 group

The residents thoroughly enjoyed the performance yesterday! Aside from the fact that Teiya and Christopher are fabulous musicians, Teiya’s interaction with the residents was very positive. The residents were moving their arms, tapping their toes and swaying in response to the music. At one point, one of the people in the audience (a spouse of one of our residents) started singing along. For the remaining songs, Teiya encouraged the audience to sing along and many of our residents joined her in song. It was really heartwarming! Thanks to you and the others from Health Arts and BMO for bringing this performance to our residents!

I just heard your interview with Matt Galloway on Metro Morning, CBC. My late mother was a resident of a City of Toronto Long-term care residence, True Davidson Acres. There were no cultural events for her, a frequent ballet and opera attender. I was so pleased to hear that your program is in Toronto and only wish my mother could have been in the audience. She would have loved it. Many programs are sent into schools; your project helps others for whom, as you say, visits to concert halls [are] over. Good for you.

Heather de Veber - community member